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January 17, 2022

Odisha Food

Rice is a major crop of Odisha, bhumin is the best. Lentils such as pigeon peas and moong beans are another major ingredients. Indigenous vegetables used in Odia cuisine are Pumpkin, Gourd , plantains, jackfruit, and papaya.

Popular Cuisines of Odisha

Odisha has a simple yet unique cooking style that has its own identity and this makes it a major culinary tourism destination in the east India. Covered mostly with fertile plains and humid climate conditions, the state is a rice producer, and thus, cuisine of Odisha is mostly rice-based. The Odiya cuisine uses a combination of locally sourced vegetables, cereals, pulses, dairy products and seafood as well as it uses less spices and oil compared with the cuisines of other Indian states. Despite that, the recipes and cuisine is loaded with great taste, flavours and aromas.

Some of the popular rice dishes in Odisha are Khechidi that is cooked with rice, lentils and ghee; Palau that has vegetables, dry fruits and spices; sweet rice dish, Kanika prepared from dry fruits and ghee; Ghee rice, and Pakhala that is watered rice served with curd and stir-fried vegetables. Lentils dishes serve as a great accompaniment to rice and some lip-smacking famous lentil dishes include the vegetable and spice-laden Dalma, plain and simple Dali with a spicy tadka and delicious and flavourful Besara that has vegetables, lentils, amaranthus, mustard paste, and badi as its chief ingredients.

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